Raditz Saga

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The DragonballZ story begins with Goku and his son Gohan going to a reunion at Master Roshi's house. Meanwhile Piccolo is training by himself in the middle of nowhere when a powerful warrior, Raditz, confronts him. Piccolo tries attacking him but he can't lay a finger on him. Luckily Raditz picks up Goku on his scouter and doesn't have enough time to beat the crap out of Piccolo. When Raditz gets to Master Roushi's house, Goku, Krillin and master Roshi are there to confront him. He calls Goku "Kakarot" and says that he is a Saiyan and that he should go with him and destroy planets. Goku refuses in disbelief and Raditz takes Gohan away.

After that Piccolo shows up and says that they need to join forces in order to stand a chance against Raditz. Goku agrees and they fly off to find Raditz. After a short flight, the battle begins. Raditz starts beating up Goku and Piccolo pretty bad, it takes a while then Gohan gets reallyangry and blows up Raditz's spaceship and rams his head into Raditz hurting him badly. This gives Goku enough time to grab Raditz from behind and hold him. Piccolo charges up his Special Beam Cannon and shoots Raditz and kills him but unfortunatly kills Goku in the process and they both go to the next dimension. Before Raditz dies he tells them about two other Saiyans that are coming to Earth and that it is going to take about a year for them to arrive.

After the battle Piccolo takes Gohan to train and Goku (in the next dimension) begins his journey down Snake Way to reach King Kai's house and train. All of the other fighters (Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Chauzu, and Yajirobe) gather at Kami's Lookout to train.

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