Freeza & Namek Saga

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At the end of the battle with Vegeta and Nappa, only Goku, Gohan, and Krillin were left, so they needed to get dragonballs to wish there friends back. They had to go to a distant planet named Namek to find dragonballs because the dragonballs on Earth vanished when Kami passed into the next dimension. They found a spaceship with the help of Poppo (Kami's assistant). Then Krillin, Gohan and Bulma set off for Namek, Goku couldn't go because he was too injured from the previous battle.

When they finally arrive at Namek, Vegeta was already there as well as a group of people even more powerful led by the most powerful guy in the galaxy, Freeza. Freeza and his bodyguards gathered 5 dragonballs (they need 7 to make a wish) by beating up the Nameks while Vegeta got one from beating up the Nameks. Then Zarbon (one of Freeza's guys) found Vegeta and beat him up and took him back to Freiza's ship and put him in the regeneration tank. Vegeta woke up and started toasting Freeza's ship, then he took the 5 dragonballs and fled. Meanwhile Krillin was able to get one dragonball when he and this Namek kid went to Guru's house and Guru gave them his dragonball as well as making Krillin much more powerful. Krillin went back to where Bulma was and Vegeta folowed him. When Krillin got back Vegeta confronted him, but Zarbon followed Vegeta, then Zarbon and Vegeta started fighting.

At first Zarbon thought he could beat up Vegeta because he did before, but since Vegeta is a Saiyan, he gets alot more powerful everytime he is defeated, and he beats up Zarbon. Gohan finds one of Vegeta's dragonballs and was on his way back to were Krillin and Bulma were. Vegeta kills Zarbon and makes Krillin give him the dragonball, he was then too excited to worry about krillin and runs off to go get his other dragonballs. Gohan is on his way back from taking Vegeta's dragonball and he runs into him. Gohan hides the dragonball and Vegeta leaves after hiting him in the stomach. When Vegeta goes to where he left the dragonball and finds out that its not there he gets really mad (I mean REALLY mad) and goes back to where the others are. When Gohan gets back him and Krillin go to Guru to make Gohan more powerful.

After that Vegeta arrives at Guru's house and gets really mad at the two, but Krillin and Gohan were both twice as powerful as before and Nail (Guru's protector) is there so they don't worry, then one of them sences the Ginyu force approching and Vegeta tells them to take all of the dragonballs and wish one of them imortal. So they all go to where the other dragonballs are with Krillin and Gohan's dragonball to wish Vegeta imortal so he can defeat the Ginyu force. But before they get there the Ginyu force confronts them and the battle begins, first the weakest of the Ginyu force attacks Krillin and Gohan while the others watch and Captain Ginyu returns the dragonballs to Freiza. Gohan and Krillin easily defeat the weakest one then one of the stronger of the Ginyu force attacks Vegeta. At first Vegeta looks like he's doing good but then the Ginyu force guy (Recume) beats him up really bad and then beats up Krillin and Gohan really bad as well.

Then finally Goku arrives and makes a cool entrance (as usual) then beats the crap out of the rest of the Ginyu force. This is all while Freeza, not knowing how to work the dragonballs, heads for Guru's house. Captain Ginyu callenges Goku and Goku starts beating up Ginyu until he realizes that he can't win and does a body swap with Goku. Both of them don't know how to fight in the others body so eventually he does a body swap again and again but the third time a frog gets in the way and now Captain Ginyu is a frog.

Vegeta takes everyone to Freeza's ship and puts armor on Krillin and Gohan and puts Goku in the regeneration tank. Dendai (the little Namek kid) tells them that to make the dragonballs work the wish must be spoken in the Namek language and that the Namek dragonballs have three wishes. They wish Piccolo back and to Namek then Guru dies so the dragonballs go away. Nail is hurt because he tried to stop Freeza so Piccolo and Nail merge to become really powerful. Freeza gets back and everybody chalenges him except for Goku who is still in the regeneration tank.

Freeza was losing at first until he transforms, and then transforms again, and again. The Z warriors and Vegeta are able to stop Freeza in all of his transformations until he transformed into his final state. After Freeza transforms for the last time he kills Vegeta, but right before Vegeta died Goku gets better and joins the battle. Vegeta told Goku about his race and that Freeza killed both Goku's and his father, then Vegeta dies.

Goku is then determined to kill Freeza. Goku and Freeza duel for a long time. Finally, Freeza gets mad and gets more power and beats up Goku. Goku is able to make a spirit bomb and throw it at Freeza. It all seems as if Freeza was dead, even King Kai thought he was. Then, out of nowhere, Freeza arrose and wounds Piccolo and kills Krillin. Goku gets really mad over the death of his best friend and goes Super Saiyan for the first time, then he beats the heck out of Freeza around until Freeza powers up once again. Now, Freeza was at his full 100% power. Goku and Freeza fight some more, Freeza, sensing that he was losing, mortally wounds the Planet! Now Goku only has 5 minutes to kill Freeza and make it back to his space ship before the planet exploads. The Z warriors (except for Goku) manage to escape the doomed planet and return to Earth. They all think that Goku has died when Namek blows up. The three remaining Z warriors (Yamcha, Tien, and Chouzu) are brought back to life by the dragonballs.

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