Site History

Here's a brief rundown on the history of my Dragonball websites, starting back in 1999.

DBZ World
My first DragonballZ website, created sometime in 1999, and my first website ever. I started off at Geocities ( -- unfortunately it's no longer up), and followed a user created guide to learn HTML. I managed the DBZ World for over a year, and it became fairly popular, with 500~ hits per day. As I managed and updated that website I got into web design more, and created several other websites including a gaming website for Starcraft and Quake. Somewhere along the line I had a bright idea (not so bright in hindsight) to create a combined Dragonball and gaming website. So I created the Extreme Fighter's League. It was happening a lot back then, where web masters were trying to make bigger websites on various topics or Animes. I jumped on the bandwagon.
Extreme Fighter's League
Created April 6, 2000, this site surpassed DBZ World in terms of web design and HTML, and I carried over all of the DBZ content. I added sections for Starcraft, Warcraft 3, and Quake 3, as well as Battle Reports (Starcraft), reviews, previews, and a forum. I grew the scope of the website significantly, and looking back I should have stuck with a focused Dragonball website. The website never gained as much popularity, in part due to several changes in hosts and my inability to keep everything up to date. I registered the URL for a while, and you can visit the old site using the Wayback Machine.
After not having an active Dragonball site for a few years, I created the DragonballZ Compendium sometime in 2006. It contained all my original content, plus some new stuff. The biggest addition was the full episode downloads, thanks to my much better host. I updated the site off and on, but it mostly remained static.
DragonballZ World
Opened in November 2011, DragonballZ World is a full refresh of DBZC. I decided to change the name to something similar to my original DragonballZ site. I also registered a domain name for it (, as my previous site had been residing in a subdirectory of one of my other sites for the longest time.
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