Music (Midis)

Midis are songs that are made using virtual instruments.

DragonballZ and GT Midis

Mysterious Adventure - Opening to DragonBall.
Cha-la - 1st opening theme to DBZ.
Cha-la (recap) - 1st opening theme to DBZ (recap).
We Gotta Power - 2nd opening theme to DBZ.
We Were Angels - 2nd closing theme for DBZ.
Dan Dan Kokoro - Opening theme for DBGT.
No Longer Alone - 1st closing theme to DBGT.
Don't you see? - 2nd closing theme to DBGT.
Blue Velvet - 3rd closing theme to DBGT.
No Will Power - Trunks' theme in DBGT Final Bout (Playstation).
Tapion's Flute - Song Tapion plays on his Flute in Movie 13.

Miscellaneous Midis

Mortal Kombat Theme
Fusion - from "Zelda: Link's Awakening"
Chrono Trigger Theme
Frog/Glenn's Theme - from Chrono Trigger
Magus's Theme - from Chrono Trigger
Terminator Theme
Mega Man 5
Hercules Theme
Killer Instinct Theme
Bionic Commando - from the SNES game
Ken's Theme - from Street Fighter
Wings - the song when you're in the flying ship in FF3
Fuel - midi version of Metallica's song "Fuel"

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