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Vegeta is the Prince of the Saiyans. He is King Vegeta's only son, and seeks revenge with Freeza throughout his early life for killing his father. After Radditz dies, him and Nappa head to Earth to deal with Goku. Vegeta is evenly matched with Goku but is eventually defeated. On Namek, he slowly becomes allies with Krillin and Gohan, since he can't defeat Freeza on his own. Before Namek is destroyed, he is transported with everyone else back to Earth, where he lived at Capsule Corp, and eventually befriends the humans. He has a kid with Bulma named Trunks. He is the second to go Super Saiyan and is always trying to better Goku. Even though he fights with the good guys he is still a bad guy with an evil heart until he does a suicide attack as Majin Vegeta, in an attempt to save the planet.

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